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Techdegree Graduate | FlatIronSchool Student

React Redux final project

After 14 days of coding, 181 git commits, and a lot of coffee my React and Redux final project is finished. I struggled with an idea for this project for almost a week, and I think a lot of that procrastination was due in part to not fully understanding concepts behind Redux and React. Thankfully I found this amazing course on Udemy, ‘Modern React and Redux’, so if you are reading this and some of the concepts are not ‘sticking’ with you then check it out.

Rails & jQuery Project: HikeIt

This project had me returning to my previous portfolio project from the Rails section named ‘HikeIt’. In short, ‘HikeIt’ was my attempt to create a social app which brought together my passion for hiking and a way for people to share the experience of getting outside and enjoying the National Parks.

Rails Final Project: HikeIt

I can say after two weeks and 218 commits to Github that I’ve completed the requirements of the Rails section final project! There are so many things I want to continue to add to this project and I will over the next few months. This is definitely one project that I look forward to coming back to in the months after graduation to continue to maintain and improve my skills.

Sinatra Project: Auction Calendar

I feel today is a big milestone in my programming career, after 6 days of coding I’ve built my first dynamic web app. This is no small feat for me, or for anyone who is just getting started coding. It’s something I’ve been working toward doing for a lot longer then I want to admit here. I started with development years ago but all my coding efforts up until this point were front-end and probably could be categorized as design more then programming. I had a good understand of the front-end but everything else about app development for the web was a mystery to me.

What is this File Class?

I have this list of things I don’t quite understand, well actually I mean its a list of things about the programming concepts or things within the programming languages I’m studying that I don’t quite understand. This list grows by the day and I’m sure this is normal. Its a normal thing I feel to not understand it all, no matter how much we want to. We encounter these things that are rare use cases, or they seem too deep to tackle at the present moment, so we pass them by and make a mental note to return to it later, or in my case write it down on a list.